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Health plan information for individuals and families

The table below lists all health plans available in states where the federal government is operating the Marketplace. This tool allows you to survey plans and prices outside the Marketplace application.

Plans are priced partly on geographic location, so be sure to choose the right state and county to see plans and prices available in a given area. States not represented here run their own Marketplaces. Find those state Marketplace links here.

The plans are presented in 5 categories: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and catastrophic. Learn more about these categories.

The table below shows premiums for the following rating scenarios:

  • Adult individual = age 27
  • Adult individual = age 50
  • Family = 2 adults age 30, 2 children
  • Family single parent = 1 adult age 30, 2 children
  • Couple = 2 adults age 40, no children
  • Child = 1 child any age

These examples are offered for comparison purposes only. When an individual provides household and income information on the Marketplace application, the applicant’s specific age, household makeup, and smoking status will be used to determine premium costs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The prices here don’t reflect the lower costs an applicant may qualify for based on household size and income. Many people who apply will qualify for reduced costs through tax credits that are automatically applied to monthly premiums. These credits will significantly lower the prices shown for a majority of those applying. Final price quotes are available only after someone has completed a Marketplace application.

Note: Not all plans shown include dental benefits. Stand-alone dental plans are available in the Marketplace in some areas. See available stand-alone dental plans. The data displayed are updated as of September 24, 2013. Rates are subject to change. A small number of certified qualified health plans and stand-alone dental plans do not appear due to some technical issues. We will provide an updated file as soon as they are available.

Note: The chart below will be most useful to professionals, researchers, media, and others who want to study, analyze, and download the complete dataset of plan and price information. See a more user-friendly way to preview plans and prices.

View instructions or download in Excel.

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