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Fixed Indemnity Health Insurance Information

What is A Fixed Indemnity Plan?

Fixed medical indemnity plans provide cash payout benefits for covered healthcare services. This differs from Traditional Major Medical plans where you must first meet satisfy a deductible before you are eligible to receive benefit payments. Another benefit to Fixed Indemnity or Association plans is that most are "Guaranteed Issue" which means you cannot be declined do to pre-existing conditions. This is a huge benefit for those that are waiting for the next Annual Open Enrollment whether it be through work or any Government plans.   A Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network may be used. Check your ID card for your PPO network logo and phone number. If you visit an in-network provider, the provider will file the claim for you. If you go to an out-of-network provider who does not file the claim for you, you will need to file a claim form along with a copy of your receipt to have the benefit payment sent in full to you. It is not required that you go to an in-network provider.

If you choose a provider who participates in the PPO network they receive two key advantages:

• They get the PPO pre-negotiated rates for all services.
• The provider will file the claim to the plan.

When an in-network provider is used, the provider will file the claim on your behalf and the plan will pay the provider the scheduled amount. You are responsible for paying the difference between the network rate and the plan schedule amount.

There are many benefits to having a Fixed Indemnity Medical Plan. Some of those benefits include:

  • No Annual Deductible-  Enables you to receive benefit payments sooner than most Major Medical plans."First Dollar Coverage"

  • Any Doctor, Any Hospital- Whether you go to a doctor or facility in or out of network you will still receive the insured benefits provided by the underwriting Insurance Company.

  • Not Subject to Federal Healthcare Mandate- Fixed Indemnity plans are not subject to the Federal mandate which allows for carriers to keep monthly cost lower and have less rate increases.

  • Flexible Plans Options- Look for a plan that can be customized — scaled up or down, depending on budget constraints, market conditions and needs. Fixed indemnity plans can be built around the types of medical services covered or a specific price point, so do your homework and find one that meets the specific needs of Individual. Our carriers provide plans for every price tier for individuals and families. We have plans that start as low as $100 a month.

  • Easy Enrollment Process- To maximize access to the plan, seek a carrier that offers a variety of options —online format, in-person call center, integrated voice response call center or paper enrollment.

  • 24 Hour Portable Coverage- You can keep these plans On or Off the job, and have it available when you need it most. Some of our plans can go into effect as early as Midnight tonight!

Fixed Indemnity Plans and Associations


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