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Have you ever wondered how you would pay for medical expenses and out-of-pocket costs that aren't covered by your regular medical insurance if you were to be hospitalized? We have products that can help. The increase in popularity of High Deductible Health Plans has helped many individuals adjust to the rising costs of health insurance premiums.  They work great as compliments to other account based products, but there is often a gap between out-of-pocket expenses and the deductible.  One way to bridge the gap between the differences in dollar amounts is with a GAP plan.  They are suitable for accident-related expenses and unexpected high costs associated with medical treatment. Bridge the Gap and help offset some of your out-of-pocket expenses due to accident related events or first diagnosis of life-threatening cancer, heart-attack or stroke.

Common Benefits in GAP Plans

The Accident Expense Benefit pays for covered expenses resulting from an accident.

The Hospital Admission Benefit pays for a covered person's first occurrence hospital admission due to sickness, injury or complication of pregnancy. The benefit is paid directly to the insured person.

The Hospital Daily Room Benefit pays the selected benefit amount for each day of hospital confinement due to sickness, injury or complication of pregnancy.

The Outpatient Surgery Benefit pays up to the selected calendar year benefit amount for surgery performed in an outpatient facility due to a covered sickness or complication of pregnancy. 

The First Occurrence Critical Illness Benefit pays a lump sum benefit directly to the insured person upon the first diagnosis of a covered condition while this policy is in force.
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • Major Organ Transplant
  • Muscular Dystrophy
  • Kidney Failure
  • Life-threatening Cancer
  • Multiple Sclerosis

The First Occurrence Heart Attack and Stroke Benefit pays a lump sum benefit directly to the insured person upon the first diagnosis of a heart attack or stroke while this policy is in force.

The First Occurrence Cancer Benefit pays a lump sum benefit directly to the insured person upon the first diagnosis of life-threatening cancer while this policy is in force.

The Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit pays if a covered person suffers loss of life, sight or limb(s) due to injuries received in a covered accident. It pays for loss occurring within 90 days* of an accident. Benefits are doubled for covered accidents occurring while the covered person is a fare-paying passenger on a common carrier.

10 Reasons to Buy GAP



1.Fills Gaps in Health Coverage

Today's individual and group Health plans have coverage "gaps" in the form of high deductibles, copays, coinsurance and non-covered treatments. Additionally, there are often non-medical costs involved with a serious illness. The Gap Plan is a perfect complement to help supplement these coverage gaps.

2. Benefits Paid Directly to Policyholder

Policyholders receive payment directly from the company. Payments can then be used as the policyholder chooses. They can cover out-of-pocket costs associated with their health plan; pay expenses not covered by their health plan; make car or mortgage payments, anything!

3. No Coordination of Benefits

Benefits selected are paid regardless of other coverage. In other words GAP is not "secondary" coverage. This is an advantage to the policyholder since many other supplemental plans reduce the amount of benefit paid based upon claim payments made from primary coverage.

4. Not an Association Group Plan

Some accident plans require the enrollment in an association that provides discounts and services that the policyholder may not need. Most association group accident plans are "excess" coverage and they only pay benefits when not covered by another plan. Group accident coverage is typically not "guaranteed renewable."

5. Issue Age Rates: Not One Rate for All

GAP rates are based on the customer's issue age and do not increase with age. Some supplemental health plans have one rate for everyone regardless of age. Best of all, rates are not subject to increases due to medical inflation.

6. Guaranteed Renewable for Life

Policyholders can continue coverage simply by paying the premium when due. The plan is guaranteed renewable for life - it does not terminate at age 65 and there are no benefit reductions due to getting older.

7. Simplified Underwriting

A short application and simplified underwriting make this plan quick and easy for consumers to apply. The optional benefits selected determine the number of questions to answer. There are no paramed exams or medical record requests.

8. Flexibility to Match Customer's Needs

Unlike many plans, benefit selection is entirely flexible. All insured individuals must have base accident coverage, but accident coverage amounts can vary by family member (applicant, spouse, children). Selected "optional" benefits can also vary for each member of the family and the amount of coverage can change by family member.

9. Can Be Used with HSA-Qualified Plans

Customers owning a Health Savings Account can purchase GAP. IRS regulations allow supplemental coverage for accidents, a specified disease or illness, insurance paying a fixed amount per day (or other period) of hospitalization. Consumers should always consult a tax advisor about tax issues.

10. Portable Coverage

Changing their individual or group health plan coverage will not interrupt an insured's coverage under a GAP plan. GAP is completely portable. Although it is designed to complement a high deductible health plan, it can be sold as a limited benefit, stand-alone plan.

Affordable Ancillary and Gap Insurance Plans


 UBA offers a variety of membership plans to choose from with benefits and services that can fit your lifestyle and needs.  Choose from low cost membership plans or those plans with Group Accident, Group Critical Illness and/or Group Term Life Insurance. Our mission is to conduct polls among its members on matters of importance to individuals interested in business; to collect, compile and disseminate business and financial information through the news media, to its members and the general public. To seek and support the availability of services and other benefits for members which represent greater value to those members than would be available to them individually.  To conduct and engage in all lawful activities under the Texas not-for-profit Corporation Act.      

Boston Mutual Life Insurance Company is pleased to provide our Critical Illness Plus(ECIP) insurance coverage. This coverage provides a lump sum benefit in the event an insured is diagnosed with a covered condition. Please refer to the brochure for the various features, covered conditions and limitations.

If an employee is eligible, his/her spouse and all children of the insured who are less than twenty-six (26) years of age
are also eligible for coverage. There is no maximum issue age for the employee. The maximum issue age for the

 The Great American Plan (GAP)
 offers a new solution to filling the coverage gaps common to most high deductible health plans. GAP combines a calendar year Accident Benefit with the availability of eight optional supplemental benefits. It offers unmatched flexibility in designing a supplemental health plan specific to the customer's needs. GAP has affordable rates, simplified underwriting, pays great commissions and has the availability of a 9 month advance upon policy issue. The product is currently available in 34 states and can be sold to individuals and groups.

You can’t predict the future. So, it’s good to plan ahead. Cigna Supplemental Solutions® , through Loyal American Life Insurance Company, can help protect your lifestyle and well being when a critical health event occurs. Help ease the financial issues that arise when you are diagnosed with cancer or suffer a heart attack, stroke or one of the covered qualifying events. With our policies, benefits are paid directly to you, or your designee, in a lump sum payment. Benefit amounts are flexible, ranging from $5,000 to $100,000, for you, your spouse and your dependent children (under age 26).

Dearborn National offers
a broad selection of highly competitive insurance and financial products covering diverse markets, including: Group Benefits (employer-paid/voluntary), Worksite, Individual and an array of Enhanced Product Services. Our strength is reflected in the solid and consistent financial ratings that we receive from A.M. Best Company and Standard & Poor's. These ratings stand among the strongest in the industry. The Dearborn National brand companies maintain a strong balance sheet backed by sound investment polices to ensure we are able to fulfill our commitments.

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